Beams and trusses

Throughout Europe we are looking for old beams and trusses. We want to give this wood a new life.

Brief specifications of Beams and Trusses

Wood type:Oak
Origins:the Alps, Eastern Europe
Editing:Untreated, brushed
Thicknesses:Approx. 10cm x 10cm - 25cm x 25cm
Lengths:Up to 10m on request
Status:In stock

What are Beams and trusses?

Throughout Europe we are looking for old beams and trusses. We want to give this 'written off' wood a new life. By importing the boards to the Netherlands and processing them into usable semi-finished products, we ensure that furniture makers have wood with character at their disposal.

Origin of the beams and trusses

In our searches through Europe, we often come across old dilapidated barns, farms or castles. These buildings have not been used for years and the owners often find it too much trouble to demolish them. We examine the used wood and usually find many useful parts. In addition to the wall covering, the beams and trusses are often still in good condition. We then talk to the owners and import the usable wood to the Netherlands. Countries where we remove many beams and trusses are Croatia, Poland and Austria.

Old oak beams in living kitchen of farmhouse
Old oak beams in modern bathroom with bathtub
Old oak beams in kitchen in farmhouse
Presentation of pergola of oak beams decorated ibiza
Presentation of a solar roof made of old oak beams
Presentation of oak wood beam garden ornament in garden with wooden decking

Applications of the beams and trusses

Our certified furniture makers use the processed beams and trusses for various pieces of furniture such as;


  • Tables
  • Cabinets
  • Bathroom Furniture

In addition, the beams are often used for canopies, garden sheds or other home accessories.

Processing the beams and trusses

When the beams and trusses come to us, they are often still very dirty. We first clean the beams and then strip them of nails. When the beams are clean, we have two more methods to process them into usable materials. The first is brushing the beams and trusses. This makes the seams that have formed in the wood over the years clearly visible, which gives an attractive look to the wood. Another common technique is planing the beams Then we can saw them to size for you.

Suitable for:

HMH office-makers


HMH office-makers


HMH office-makers


HMH office-makers

TV cabinet

HMH office-makers



Oak wagon planks are a good choice if you want to buy sustainable wood. All the wood from Wood with History comes with a certificate. So you know for sure that your product is durable and of good quality.

Buy beams and trusses?

If you want to work with our beams and/or trusses, you can buy them from us. Download our price list or simply contact us. It is already possible to buy one board from us.

Taste the atmosphere From old wood!

A shed full of unique types of wood. Old oak, the most beautiful wagon parts, rough beams and trusses, beautiful wagon parts. You will find it in the old wood shed in Lemmer. Come along and taste the atmosphere of old wood.

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