Oak wagon planks

Oak wagon planks are suitable for almost every interior due to their warm appearance. The history, processing and own drawing give life to the product. The oak wagon plank is light with rich contrast.

Brief specifications of Oak wagon boards

Wood type:Oak
Origins:Alps, Eastern Europe, Benelux and France
Editing:Planed, brushed, raw or composite
Thicknesses:16mm, 35mm, 40mm and 60mm
Widths:10cm to 25cm
Lengths:Approximately 100cm to 280cm
Status:Ample stock
Alternatives: Block Walls /

What are oak wagon boards?

The oak wagon shelf comes from freight wagons located at abandoned stations throughout Europe. Some wagons drove for up to 100 years with different loads. If the oak wagon wood is of good quality, we give it a second life. Our goal is to let the history of the wood shine through in the product.

Possible treatment of oak wagon planks

Presentation of brushed wagon board with a bolt hole in the center
Brushed Oak
Planed wagon plank with drawing and bolt hole 4cm thick
Oak, planed
Rough unprocessed wagon plank on top of planks

Machining of the wood

After treatment, oak wagon parts are good to use for, for example, a table, a cabinet or a floor. At Hout met Historie you can choose from four different treatments.

Planed oak wagon planks

The operation you see most often with the oak wagon plank is planing. First, dirt and nails are removed. Then we plan the wood on four sides. The result is that the darker grains are emphasized and the unique pattern is clearly visible.

Brushed oak wagon planks

Brushed wagon shelves have a look all their own. After removing dirt and nails, we brush them thoroughly. In this way, seams and cracks, which develop over the years, become clearly visible. Brushed wood has a rough appearance with lots of relief.

Unprocessed and original

It is possible to buy unprocessed oak wagon planks. The wood is delivered to you immediately after it comes from abroad. Old wood from train cars in original condition, including dirt and nails.

Composite wagon parts

Composite oak wagon planks are extra wide: 25 to 40 centimeters. This is because we glue narrow sections into a wider plank. There is a lot of demand for this for window sills, side tables and stair treads.

100% reused
wood with character

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presentation table of oak wagon planks with chairs
2 wall shelves of planed oak wagon shelves with pots
Window sill of oak wagon planks in white frame
Staircase planed oak wagon planks steel railing
Presentation of attractive bathroom furniture made of brushed oak wagon planks

What oak wagon board to use for?

A short list of what you can make from old oak.


Old oak wagon table

No table top is the same. The history of the wood is grooved into it. And that makes a table of this material very personal. Choose your own oak wagon parts to make a table from. 

Floor of oak wagon parts

This wood is ideally suited to interior design. A old oak floor gives character to a home. Plus, the planks will last for decades. By looking at the processing and the color of the wood, you can influence the look. A classic wood floor in one color looks different than a playful rougher floor with color differences.

Is the wood suitable for bathroom or kitchen?

Oak wagon planks remain a natural product. It works after, fortunately minimally. This is because old wood is already quite dry. That makes it suitable for use in the kitchen or bathroom. Rooms where it can be more humid and the temperature sometimes fluctuates. 

Timeless: wooden stairs

Also old oak stairs are in demand. Oak wagon wood is suitable for open and closed stairs. We supply stair treads without a groove. This can be milled in if necessary. A staircase made of oak wagon planks immediately draws attention to itself. 

Oak window sills

More and more often, oak wagon planks are used as window sills. The wood fits in both a rural interior and a modern or industrial interior. Use a mat lacquer for a tough look and good protection. 

Suitable for:

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TV cabinet

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Oak wagon planks are a good choice if you want to buy sustainable wood. All the wood from Wood with History comes with a certificate. So you know for sure that your product is durable and of good quality.

Garden ideas with oak wagon wood

Oak wagon wood is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. Whether it is a dry summer or a harsh winter. Oak wagon planks are therefore perfect to use for a garden gate, as decking in the garden or for an outdoor table. 

Oak wagon plank price

At Wood with History you buy one piece or as a large batch. Just what you need. Want to know what it costs? Request a price list directly

Wood for business use?

Are you an interior designer or furniture maker? Then perhaps you are looking for a large batch of oak wagon planks. Wood with History can deliver directly from stock within 3 working days. With a purchase from 12.5m2 you get a volume discount.

Selecting your own boards in an old wood shed

Hout met Historie is located in Lemmer. Visit our old wood warehouse to choose your own oak wagon planks. Tastes differ, so seeing it with your own eyes is always the best option. 

Delivery oak wagon planks Belgium possible

Ordering wood online is also possible. We deliver throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. When you order old wood, we are happy to discuss delivery with you. 

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