Block Walls

Block walls have a warm look and add character to your home. They are often used for decades in old farmhouses.

Brief specifications of Block Walls

Wood type:Oak
Origins:Alps, Eastern Europe
Editing:Planed, brushed
Thicknesses:Approximately 2,3,4 and 6 cm
Widths:Approximately 10 cm to 30 cm
Lengths:Approximately 100 cm to 500 cm
Status:Ample stock
Alternatives: Wagon Shelves / Railroad tie boards / Barnwood /

What are block walls

Block walls are old oak planks used for years as walls in old farmhouses. You can see the past through the lived-in appearance. This has been shaped by time, weather conditions and use. No block wall is the same in shape, marks and drawing.

Popular old oak

This wood product is one of the most popular types of old wood. This is because it has a great and warm look. We select our wood on quality. So you will enjoy it for years to come.

100% reused
wood with character

Any volume from stock

Top expertise of
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Presentation table of block walls 6cm zoomed in with chairs and fruit basket
Presentation of block wall cladding 2cm with windows in house
Presentation of table of planed block walls 6cm with chairs

Making your own furniture from oak block walls

Many pieces of furniture are made from this wood. the most beautiful tables with a robust oak table top. Sidetables, flooring cabinets. You also see them back as wall coverings, as stairs and the necessary accessories for your home.

You can find inspiration here:

Machining of block walls

In the country of origin we inspect the wood. If the block walls are of good quality, we bring them to the Netherlands. We process them into semi-finished products. This means that the planks are ready to be used to make furniture or other products.

There are several ways to work the wood:

- Brushing removes dirt and nails and gives you a tough, understated look
- By planing you get a smooth board with beautiful markings
- Buying unprocessed is also possible.

Suitable for:

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TV cabinet

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Reclaimed wood is a good choice if you want to buy sustainable wood. All products from Wood with History come with a certificate. So you know for sure that your product is sustainable and of good quality.

Wood with a rich history

Our block walls come mainly from the Alpine countries. Sometimes from Eastern Europe. Imagine... Green hills and mountains, with winding roads. And along the way you see those dilapidated wooden farms and barns. Even though they are no longer in use, you can dream about the history. Especially in those buildings we find the most beautiful wood.

Go for the finest, durable wood

Oak block walls are a perfect product when sustainability important. By reusing historical building materials, you contribute to a better environment. And what's more, you are bringing something unique into your home. Because, no two boards are the same.

Buy block walls?

Are you excited to get started with our block walls yourself? Or have you found a furniture maker who can do it well? Come pick out your own wood with us. In the old wood shed we have a large stock of all sizes.

What do oak block walls cost?

You can find the prices of the wood in our price list. Or contact us directly. Do you make furniture from block walls (on a large scale)? For large orders, we use package prices. Ask us about the possibilities. Of course it is also possible to buy one board from us. 2

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Where can I buy block walls?
    This wood is one of the most sold species at Wood with History. We have this product in stock as standard. When will you visit our old wood warehouse in Lemmer? You can choose your own boards. And we are ready to give you advice
  • 2. Can I have it cut to size directly?
    Block walls come in lengths of up to 5 meters. Do you want to shorten your boards? We can arrange this directly. And that service is completely free. 
  • 3. Can I also order online?
    Yes, you can. Please indicate your wishes via the order form or mail us your order.

Taste the atmosphere From old wood!

A shed full of unique types of wood. Old oak, the most beautiful wagon parts, rough beams and trusses, beautiful wagon parts. You will find it in the old wood shed in Lemmer. Come along and taste the atmosphere of old wood.

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