Block wall planed

Block Walls Planed: Beautiful oak planks that bring warmth to any interior. 

Brief Specifications

Wood type:Oak
Origins:Alps, Eastern Europe
Thicknesses:Approximately 2,3,4 and 6 cm
Widths:Approximately 10 cm to 30 cm
Lengths:Approximately 100 cm to 500 cm
Status:Ample stock
Alternatives: Wagon Shelves / Railroad tie boards / Barnwood /

What are Planed block walls?

Our block walls come from the Alps, sometimes from eastern Europe. The planks have been used as walls or floors. Often in farms and houses in the mountains that have already been abandoned. These old buildings often house beautiful wood of good quality. And that's what we get excited about.


We give this wood a new life. As soon as we receive the planks, we plane a layer of 1 centimeter from all sides. This reveals the warm color of oak. Just like the unique grain pattern.

100% reused
wood with character

Any volume from stock

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Presentation of table of planed block walls 6cm with chairs
Presentation of block wall cladding 2cm with windows in house
Presentation of a table of planed oak block walls 6 cm with chairs
Presentation bathroom furniture of planed block walls
Presentation of blockboard table top planed without foot in the old wood warehouse

Popular for custom-made furniture

If you like unique furniture that no one else has, planed block walls are a good choice. For example, you can use them to make cabinets, tables or wall coverings with a distinctive look. Block walls are also suitable for stairs and home accessories. The playful shades of light and dark brown suit almost any interior.

You can find inspiration here:

Exclusive kitchens

Kitchen builders often choose planed block walls. Old oak in the kitchen is often combined with steel and stone. And the look is timeless. Do you make a lot of kitchen cabinets? Then our oak panels may also be an interesting product for you.

Suitable for:

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HMH office-makers


HMH office-makers


HMH office-makers


HMH office-makers


HMH office-makers

TV cabinet

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HMH office-makers



Reclaimed wood is a good choice if you want to buy sustainable wood. All products from Wood with History come with a certificate. So you know for sure that your product is sustainable and of good quality.

Choose your own planed block walls

This product is always well stocked. You will not find a board that is the same as another. Be sure to stop by the old wood shed. Choosing your own boards is the best way to come home with the finest wood. 

You can also planed block walls purchase.

Taste the atmosphere From old wood!

A shed full of unique types of wood. Old oak, the most beautiful wagon parts, rough beams and trusses, beautiful wagon parts. You will find it in the old wood shed in Lemmer. Come along and taste the atmosphere of old wood.

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