Floor of old wood

Are you looking for a new floor for your home? Have you ever thought about an old wood floor? Old planks that have already had a life give your floor a robust appearance. The old wood that our certified furniture makers use comes from all over Europe.


Origin of our old wood

The floorboards that our furniture makers produce are made from wood that has already been used for other purposes. For example, we obtain barnwood from Austria, wagon planks from Poland and mooring posts from our own Rotterdam harbor. We process this old wood into usable semi-finished products for the makers. They can then turn the old wood into the most beautiful floors or floorboards. A floor of used wood is authentic. For a floor of old wood our furniture makers can use the following products:

  • Barnwood
  • Wagon Shelves
  • Old floorboards
  • Castellated

Interior inspiration; floorboards from old wood

Get inspired below to create a new floor from used wood. The floors below have been created by our makers for their clients. A floor of, for example, old wagon planks gives character to your home; each plank has its own story. Would you like it to be just a little bit different than in our inspiration photos? That is possible. Simply get in touch with a furniture maker in your area via our website. If you have an old wood floor made by one of our certified furniture makers, we guarantee that your new floor is made of authentic old wood. In addition, our wood is always delivered with a certificate of authenticity. For more interior inspiration you can also follow us on Pinterest and/or Instagram.


In addition to floors of used wood, you can also cabinets, doors or tables have it made from old wood.

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Our old wood

We are wood hunters. We search the whole of Europe for old wood. We end up with abandoned barns in the Austrian mountains, old freight wagons in Poland and written-off mooring posts in all kinds of ports. We bring this wood to the Netherlands and process it into usable planks for our furniture makers, individuals and business customers. Furniture from old wood gives your home character. Take a quick look at all our wood species and their story.

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