Bollard pedestals

Poles with a rugged look. Or, on the contrary, sleek. Made from old bollards from major European ports.

Brief Specifications

Wood type:Tropical hardwood: basralocus and greenheart
Origins:All of Europe
Thicknesses:approximately 30 cm
Widths:approximately 30 cm
Lengths:up to 1000 cm
Status:Ample stock
Alternatives: Beams and trusses /

Robust bollard pedestals

Robust hardwood beams on which the largest ships moored for years. The battered, weathered mooring posts are now starting a new life as mooring pedestals. Do you opt for robust wooden pedestals? One in which you can still see the traces of the mooring lines. Or is a sleek one, of which the caps have been planed, more to your liking?

Tailor-made for you

You can find bollard bases up to 10 meters long. If you use it as an accessory for your home, then we understand that this length is not suitable. In our old wood warehouse we shorten the pole directly for you. So you go home with a pedestal in the desired length.

100% reused
wood with character

Any volume from stock

Top expertise of
our creators

Table of brushed lake poles with glass of water in modern interior
Presentation of light-colored mooring post with pedestal and candelabra in modern interior
Presentation of different mooring posts in garden
Meerpole presentation pedestal with bowl in sleek interior
Presentation of a lake pole pedestal in living room

Inspiration for bollard pedestals

Each bollard has a different look. You can make the most beautiful things for indoors and outdoors. The posts are winter hard, so they are also suitable for the garden. Use them as pedestals for art or flowers. Make a unique, robust side table. Or a sturdy bench.

Also discover our bollard caps.

Wooden pedestals from all over Europe

From the well-known port in Rotterdam to ports in Eastern Europe. We get our pedestals from our own region and sometimes we have nice batches from abroad. The most important thing is that the wood is of good quality. This way we can guarantee that you will enjoy it for a long time.

Suitable for:

HMH office-makers



Reclaimed wood is a good choice if you want to buy sustainable wood. All products from Wood with History come with a certificate. So you know for sure that your product is sustainable and of good quality.

Choose your own bollard base

This product is widely in stock. In our old wood warehouse you can choose the beam that suits you best. We are happy to help you make the right choice.

Taste the atmosphere From old wood!

A shed full of unique types of wood. Old oak, the most beautiful wagon parts, rough beams and trusses, beautiful wagon parts. You will find it in the old wood shed in Lemmer. Come along and taste the atmosphere of old wood.

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