Wagon Shelves

Wagon boards are An aged product shaped by time and circumstances. Oak wood with a warm and authentic look that suits every interior.

Brief Specifications of Wagon Shelves

Wood type:Oak
Origins:Alps, Eastern Europe, Benelux and France
Editing:Planed, brushed, raw or composite
Thicknesses:16mm, 35mm, 40mm and 60mm
Widths:10cm to 25cm
Lengths:Approximately 100cm to 280cm
Status:Ample stock
Alternatives: Block Walls /


Wagon Shelves come from the bottoms of freight cars. Those wagons carried freight through weather for years. The traces of time and the visible bolt holes give wagon parts a unique character. No two boards are alike. And that makes a piece of this wood A unique piece in your home. 

A good match with any interior

You use these historic building materials to create a typically authentic atmosphere in or around the home. Wagonwood provides warmth in modern homes. And it blends well with existing elements in older, more characteristic homes. 

Possible machining of Wagon Boards

Presentation of brushed wagon board with a bolt hole in the center
Brushed Oak
Planed wagon plank with drawing and bolt hole 4cm thick
Oak, planed
Rough unprocessed wagon plank on top of planks
Wagon plank type duplexed

Possible operations

We process the old wood that comes to us in various ways. The most common treatment is planing or brushing. All common sizes are in stock as standard in each operation.

Planed wagon planks

Planing is the most common operation for this wood. Before planing, we first rid the wagon board of dirt and nails. Then we plan them on four sides. This way you emphasize the beautiful look of oak, with dark grain and unique pattern.

More about planed wagon planks

Brushed wagon shelves

Brushed wood has a look all their own. After removing dirt and nails, we brush them thoroughly. This makes seams and cracks, created by the years, very visible. The brushed wagon planks have a rough appearance with a lot of relief.

More about brushed wagon planks

Unprocessed wagon boards

You can also buy unprocessed wagon boards. This means that you still have to remove nails and dirt yourself. With the right tools, machines and experience you can turn unprocessed planks into unique products.

More about raw wagon boards

Composite wagon boards

A composite wagon plank consists of narrower sections glued together to form wider ones. You use this product for stair treads, window sills and side tables. The wagonwood is glued together so tightly that you hardly see the seams; it therefore appears to be one piece. This wood is available in different thicknesses. The total width is 25 to 40 centimeters.

More about composite wagon boards



100% reused
wood with character

Any volume from stock

Top expertise of
our creators

presentation table of oak wagon planks with chairs
Staircase planed oak wagon planks steel railing

Applications for the wagon board

With this wood Make beautiful final products. Use wagon parts For making:



Old wood works minimally after

Wagonwood is a natural product. The advantage of old wood is that it is largely worked out. Therefore, the effect of a wagon plank minimum. Even in warm and humid areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Use of wood in commercial buildings

These materials are frequently used in the interiors of business premises. For example, Wood with History has supplied wood for the headquarters of RedBull and Jumbo. Are you looking for large batches of wagon wood Then take a look at our business page.

Our lumber is available in a variety of species and in virtually all common sizes. Take contact with us for the possibilities.


Suitable for:

HMH office-makers


HMH office-makers


HMH office-makers


HMH office-makers


HMH office-makers


HMH office-makers


HMH office-makers


HMH office-makers

TV cabinet

HMH office-makers


HMH office-makers


Buy durable old wood

Oak wagon planks are a good choice if you want to buy sustainable wood. All the wood from Wood with History comes with a certificate. So you know for sure that your product is durable and of good quality.

Wagon shelves with history

You have a choice of 3 wood types: oak, pine and tropical hardwood. The planks come from old freight cars from all over Europe. They carried all kinds of goods: from bags of grain and beer barrels to spices and other consumables.

The old wagons that are no longer used are parked at abandoned stations. They are sometimes not looked after for years. We are constantly looking for these carriages. Because it is precisely those railcar shelves are good to use for furniture, floors or stairs.

Origin oak wagon plank

Most wagon parts which we sell, come from France, Croatia and Austria. In addition, we sometimes wagon boards from Switzerland and Italy. From our network, we often get tips on locations with old freight cars. 

We then seek contact with the owners of these wagons to make an appointment. Our search for quality old wood regularly takes us abroad. We visit the stations ourselves to look at the wood. And if, in our eyes, it deserves a second life, we import the wood. wagon boards to the Netherlands.

Buy wagon shelves

Would you like to work with our wagon boards yourself? Be welcome to pick the wood yourself. Each plank is unique and taste is the determining factor. Come and see them in our old wood shed or order online.

Wagon shelves price

Simply ask for a price list to or contact us. It is possible to buy one single wagon shelf. And we offer large volumes directly from stock. Do you make furniture yourself (on a large scale)? We offer package prices when you order a batch of 12.5m2 or more.

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Taste the atmosphere From old wood!

A shed full of unique types of wood. Old oak, the most beautiful wagon parts, rough beams and trusses, beautiful wagon parts. You will find it in the old wood shed in Lemmer. Come along and taste the atmosphere of old wood.

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